Well it has been a heck of a few days, the storms here in the mid-west have been scary and damaging. I live in Kansas we are out of gas in our car so we ran the two blocks to the shelter. Yes I know 2 blocks isn't far but when you have to run in the rain and thunder and lightning with the tornado sirens going off it feels like 2 miles. Me and my family were also in Joplin 2 years ago Wednesday, we were blessed enough to have gotten through theses storms unscathed and I just want to say my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by the tornado's that hit these last 2 days. It is hard living in this area but we are strong and we rebuild, and we will keep rebuilding because that's what we do. So please if your reading this pray for everyone hit by these storms. Thank you.  

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    May 2013

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