So yesterday I received my beautiful necklace that I won from http://www.bargainhounddailydeals.com and www.sphereoflifejewelry.com. I will say that Shpere of Life Jewelry is absolutely quality jewelry, as you can see there packaging is lovely and unique and I received my necklace two days after they let me know they were shipping it. I definitely recommend them and I will absolutely look to them for jewelry in the future. I have had several people ask how I win things, now I have only won a few things and nothing super big I have posted a couple pictures of a few things that I have won including my necklace. Really I enter between 100 and 250 contests a day some days I will be online for hours entering contests some days I won't get on at all. I have had most of my luck with the blog contests, like the one that I am hosting here on my blog. I enter a lot like I said but it is usually a big surprise when I get an email saying that I won and it is so exciting. My best advice when entering contests is don't give up if you really want to win, set aside an hour or a few hours each day or do like me and take one whole day just entering contests and then take a few days off. No matter how you do it eventually you will win something, even if its just a small thing the rush of winning is fantastic and it always makes my day. Ok there is my rambling for today hope you enjoyed and please if you haven't yet enter the contest for a lovely clothing item from Oasap.com. 

Daisy necklace

1 pound of Gevalia coffee and the complete works of Sherlock Holmes

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